The first brainchild of the “Vitamin” family was opened in Kiev in September 2003.

Vitamin bowling club

Now, there are four Vitamin bowling clubs running in the Ukrainian capital.
It must be mentioned that Vitamin 1 (having offered 24 bowling tracks) was closed due to the removing to another location. Still, other three bowling clubs can make up this gap in full. So, Vitamin 2 disposes 18 tracks, Vitamin 3 houses 10 tracks and finally Vitamin 4 has 14 tracks in its disposal.

Vitamin bowling club

Despite the different number of tracks all “Vitamins” have equally high-quality service along with playing machines, billiard, bars and restaurants. In each venue you may order professional organization of corporate events: celebrations, seminars, trainings, conferences, presentations, parties for kids and New Years parties. What is more, it became a good tradition to hold all level bowling championships in the walls of Vitamin clubs.

Vitamin bowling club

Vitamins are known for Disco-bowling events combining experience of playing bowling and the fever of dance floor. There you can play bowling, take part in contests and party all night long with the music of best DJs. And don’t forget there are three Vitamins in Kiev; therefore there are three times more chances to get entertained.

Official web-site: Vitamin bowling club

Vitamin 1
Phone: (044) 247-19-23, 247-19-24
Address: Kiev, Heroiv Kosmosa, 4

Vitamin 2
Phone: (044) 501-06-60, 501-06-61
Address: Kiev, Heroiv Kosmosa St, 4

Vitamin 3
Phone: (044) 502-23-13
Address: Kiev, Malinovskogo St, 12

Vitamin 4
Phone: (044) 501 1050
Address: Kiev, Moskovsky Ave, 34

Working hours:
Mon.: from 15-00 to 02-00
Tue., Wed., Thur.: from 11-00 to 02-00
Fri., Sat., Sun.: from 11-00 to 03-00